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Firewood Delivery Options
If you are not close to a large forest, you will need to find a firewood supplier in your area. There are many grocery stores that carry firewood and they can deliver it to your door. However, it can be difficult to get high quality wood. This can lead to frustration when you try to light a fire. You also need to make sure the wood is treated properly so that it will not be attacked by insects and fungi.

You can buy kiln-dried firewood that is heated to about 120 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit for a safer burn. These logs are delivered in a premium metal rack, along with a weather-protecting cover. In addition, the wood has been dried naturally for at least nine months.

Firewood delivery can be convenient, but it is important to choose the right kind of wood. Hardwoods will burn the hottest and produce the least amount of smoke. Ash and oak provide the longest burn. Pine and birch will burn less hot. Some experts recommend buying local wood. The quality of the wood can be a big factor in the cost of your order.

While you can purchase firewood at your local grocery store, it can be more economical to order a large quantity. Many companies offer bulk orders that will save you money. Additionally, some companies will deliver free firewood if you make a minimum purchase.

Another option is to visit a specialty firewood company. These services sell stacked boxes of wood, including kindling and fire starters. Depending on the size of your order, you can expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $250.

Many grocery stores offer firewood in the form of bundles and boxes. Each box holds enough wood for two to four fires. A typical bundle is around a quarter cord. An order of this size can weigh up to 150 pounds.

Larger purchases of wood can also be delivered, but this will be an additional fee. For example, a 25-pound box of fatwood can cost $45.

You can order firewood online. Companies such as Instacart, HomeDepot, and Shipt will deliver firewood to your door. All you need to do is enter your zip code and check the availability in your area. They can even provide you with a time frame for when you can expect your order to be delivered.

Walmart’s grocery delivery service can also help you purchase your wood. Walmart has a number of different stores across the country, and their delivery service allows you to choose from a variety of options. Besides firewood, they deliver groceries and other household necessities. Their delivery is fast and affordable.

Tractor Supply also delivers firewood. Their service is available for a fee, but they also offer a subscription service. Customers can order firewood online or by phone, and they can select to have the wood delivered the same day.

Many of these firewood delivery services also have other features, such as a free pick-up. Having firewood in your home will allow you to keep warm all winter long.

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